The Smartest Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution

CloudLeap’s shipping platform empowers global businesses to track, rate shop, and simplify end-to-end shipping.


Why us

Enabling better organizations


Cloud based shipping solution that you can access from anywhere

Plug and Play

Easy to setup and you can start shipping immediately

Carrier Integrations

Leading worldwide carriers integrated for your bulk shipping

Live Tracking

Track your shipment status live using our AI enabled tracking solution

Business Intelligence

Take informed decisions using our Reporting and Analytics features

Future Ready Platform

You enjoy shipping, while we keep it latest so that you don’t miss anything

Our mission

We develop & create digital future for Shipping Industry

At CloudLeap, Our mission is to be the most trusted global multi-carrier Shipping Solution provider.


Address Validation

Quickly verify the shipping address to avoid any shipping problems.

AES Direct/ACE Filing

Take control of your export compliance. Automatically send all shipment data to AESDirect/ACE.


Documentation is key for International shipments, and we got you covered.

Rate Shopping

Engage with vendors to get the best price on cargo shipping rates, every time.


Ultimate experience

All the major features you ever wanted are on a single platform.

data analytics

Get to know your Shipments Better.

Get a deeper understanding of your shipments. CloudLead gives you the analytics view you need to analyze your shipping data for your business to make informed decisions.